I think stories might be the very best thing we can give to each other—an offer of company, or connection, or kind distraction.

So here I am again, shaking out the welcome mat and taking down the white porcelain coffee cups. This quiet corner of the internet is my place to curate the small moments that strike me. My hope is that I’ll find my voice again in the process—with room for growth and change and a slow evolving, messy but joyfully stumbling upward.

By day, I’m a copy editor for a small publisher in the Midwest. In the quiet moments, I write. Conversations at the bus stop, the way snow falls like it feels things, the smell of espresso as it’s ground—the act of noticing makes my life rich.

the smokey mtns - Version 2

Creative nonfiction, essays, bits of memoir, and hybrid-y books are my favorite. The chances of me being at a bookstore / library as you read this are pretty high. Maybe 90%, if it’s Saturday. Drop a line, and I’ll meet you there.

Other interesting things, an index
art and faith, em dashes, mountains, paper crafts, progressive Christianity, tiny homes. See also: blueberry scones, hiking, Mr. Darcy, the Smoky Mountains.